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Why Smart Companies Choose LP

Why Smart Companies Choose LP

Free Candidate Searching: We will never charge you to search for appropriate candidates.

You are always in control of the hiring process. LabPersonnel never stands in the way of a candidate getting hired directly by you.

You will only billed for temporary and temporary to hire when the candidate works. You do not pay for the candidates’ lunch and break time, and well as any days off.

Our Competitive Bill Rate Covers the Following Expenses:

  • Candidate wage
  • All costs pertaining to pre-screening, testing, reference and background checking services
  • Social security employer taxes
  • Medicare employer taxes
  • Workers compensation insurance
  • SUI and FUI Employer Taxes
  • Affordable health insurance coverage for our contractors
  • Vacation time accrual program

For your protection LabPersonnel carries substantial insurance coverages that include: general liability, crime, professional, employment practices and excess umbrella liability. Give us a call if you would like to learn more about our insurance coverages. We can send a Certificate of Insurance upon request.