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Myths of the Staffing Industry

Myths of the Staffing Industry

MYTH:Staffing agencies can only provide “temporary help”.
FACT:LabPersonnel can provide ANY type of staffing assistance that a client needs. Yes we do temporary, but we also provide temporary to hire (which is the option where you try someone out and if they are a long term fit you may hire them), or we have a direct hire option as well.

MYTH:Staffing agencies are too costly.
FACT:By utilizing LabPersonnel, your business will actually SAVE you money. The hiring process consumes valuable time and energy of any business owner/professional. Allow us to take that burden from you; let us do what we do best. We are the experts at recruiting.

MYTH:You can’t hire good quality people from a “temp agency”.
FACT:LabPersonnel has a large database of professionally trained, well-educated professionals with different backgrounds and levels of experience. We place hundreds of applicants annually. We have the right employees for you!

MYTH:Employment agencies just send warm bodies.
FACT:LabPersonnel prides itself on providing the best quality personnel for your needs. We go well beyond just filling a job description. Our goal is to secure talent that also matches your corporate culture. You are given the opportunity to review résumés and interview candidates to confirm the best possible match.

MYTH:Temporary agencies only provide secretarial help.
FACT:LabPersonnel hires top quality candidates. Many of whom are highly trained, licensed professionals, including managers. We offer staffing solutions at all levels of your organization.

MYTH:The interview process with staffing services is not thorough.
FACT:Our interview/testing processes are extensive. We conduct a multi-step screening process that includes not only a résumé review and interview, but also skill set assessment testing using IBM’s Kenexa Prove-It, references checks and background checks. Most importantly we gauge the temperament and personality of our contractors to match the culture of your organization. Criminal background and E-Verify checks are performed upon selection of a candidate by your organization. Additional, specific background checks can be performed upon request.

MYTH:If I am not happy with my temp, am I “stuck”?
FACT:While this is an infrequent event, we will provide a replacement for you, upon request. By contacting your employment coordinator and communicating your needs we will respond quickly with alternative candidate résumés for you to review.