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LISTING: BS/MS Biofuel Research Assistant for a 12-month contract at Argonne in Lemont, IL

BS/MS Biofuel  Research Assistant for a 12-month contract at Argonne in Lemont, IL


Argonne is looking for hard-working Research Assistants that have a good understanding of organic chemistry techniques. The work schedule is 40 hours a week, 8 hours a day. You may be required to work overtime or on a weekend or holiday to keep biological experiments going continuously. Supervisors will determine individual work schedules.


Technical Skills

These research assistants will support bioconversion projects that focus on unexplored separations issues that currently limit the potential of many renewable energy technologies.  Specifically, the project aims at integrating nanostructured adsorbents into bioprocesses for the facile recovery of biofuels and bio products and/or toxic metabolic intermediates. 

  • Proficiency with basic organic chemistry techniques
  • Materials characterization methods (chemical composition, structure and properties of substances and of the chemical processes and transformations that they undergo)
  • Analytical instrumentation (HPLC and GC-MS)
  • Fermentation processes
  • Chromatographic and membrane separation techniques
  • Ability to work in a collaborative environment with molecular biologists, microbiologists, metabolic engineers, materials scientists, and mechanical engineers. 
  • Primary responsibilities include working with and generating novel materials, surface treating with organic adsorbents, basic separations and distillation techniques, and bacterial culture. 
  • Increase the scale of materials synthesis and establish quantitative analytics for recovery success.
  • Engaged in establishing growth protocols for engineered prokaryotes on feedstocks that are based upon zero- or negative-value waste streams. 



  • B.S. degree in Biology, Chemistry, or Biochemistry and 2-4 years of relevant experience
  • M.S. degree in Biology, Chemistry, or Biochemistry with 1-2 years of relevant experience


If you or anyone you know is interested, qualified and immediately available please send an updated resume to us for immediate review and consideration.

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