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LISTING: Perm Part Time GC/MS Environmental Chemist

Perm Part Time GC/MS Environmental Chemist 2, Channahon, IL


The Chemist II position is a part-time, non-benefit eligible position has a primary function of performing specified analytical and instrumental testing of water and wastewater, soil, solid waste and raw material samples.  Must have the ability to evaluate, set-up and test new methods and procedures as required by new customers or products. Must perform required QA testing in accordance with the method requirements. Must be familiar with Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater 21st edition, SW 846 for the Analysis of Solid Waste, and relevant ASTM procedures.  Must have experience with Gas Chromatography (GC)/Mass Spectroscopy (MS).



Performs routine testing for both environmental and raw material samples including but not limited to:  pH, Chlorides, Specific gravity, Color, Water

Must know how to operate Purge and Trap (P/T) instruments and P/T auto samplers and GC auto samplers.

Must have experience operating software associated with all chromatography equipment.

Must be very knowledgeable of environmental sampling, testing, and reporting requirements for water, wastewater and solid waste analysis.

Ability to handle complex sample matrices and how to overcome matrix interferences.

Ability to set-up and/or develop new chromatography testing methods using FID, PID, NPD and ECD detections



Must possess at a minimum a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry or a related science.

Must have excellent organizational and time management skills and be able to work independently without constant supervision.

Must have a minimum of 15+ years of chromatography testing experience.

Must be cooperative and work well with other staff; be a team player.

Prior experience in a multi-functioning industry or commercial laboratory preferred.

Ability to troubleshoot and multitask in a very demanding and fast-paced environment.

Must be able to write and amend current or new laboratory procedures

Physical requirements of the job include standing for long periods of time, carrying and transferring products.  May be required to perform off-site sampling and testing.


If you or anyone you know is immediately available please email us ASAP for immediate consideration.

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